Tuesday, June 09, 2015

WK Scharnitz... 20-22/02/2015

Back from the WSA World Championship in Scharnitz... Feeling proud that we were able to attend this huge event. Team Chinanook's was represented by Multi Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin & Chinanook's Lilly Rose. It was the first time that we attented such a race. On the 3 days we made the cut. We enjoyed to the maximum and we have learned as well. Times were really fast. Congrats to all winners! We also enjoyed the great atmosphere within the Belgian Team smile emoticon Feeling proud of Lilly & Ben who behaved really well :) I would like to thanks all the people who have supported and pushed us: my parents ( Muriel & Freddy Guillaume, Anita Muspach, Paula S. Honigman, Arnaud Eggemann, Marnix Vermeulen & Patrik Vanderdonckt).