Wednesday, August 26, 2015

IDS Mechelen 2015

On Sunday August 23rd we attended the IDS in Mechelen... So proud of our double BOB :)

  • Chinanook's K'eyush Jr. won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOS
  • Chinanook's Lilly Rose won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOB
  • BIS American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOB & 3rd BIG
A special thanks to Mr. Jos De Cuyper (BE) and Mrs. Linda Reinelt (DE)!

IDS Genk 2015

On June 28th we had a nice day at IDS Genk... Chinanook's K'eyush Jr. "Kenzo" won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOB under Mr. Kindsey (UK) :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

CAC AMCB 2015... 31/05/2015

Feeling a proud breeder with our results at AMCB CAC...
- Chinanook's No Need To Say More, co-owned with Family Vereeken-De Smedt, 1 exc Best Youth!
- Chinanook's Never Walk Alone, owned by Liesbeth de Jongh, VG youth male
- Chinanook's K'eyush Jr., 1 exc. Open male
- Chinanook's Look At Me, Co-owned with Marnix Vermeulen, 2 exc. Open male
- Multi BISS Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin, co-owned with Anita Muspach, 2 exc. RCAC
- Chinanook's Nothing Compares To You, owned by Piet Viaene, 1 exc. Best Youth female
- Chinanook's Lilly Rose, 1 exc. RCAC from open class
- Chinanook's Lady Kenay, owned by Marnix Vermeulen, 2 exc. open female
- Just A Kiss Of Keema's Wolf Pak, 1 exc. CAC BOS
- ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak, Co-owned with Family De Boer, 1 exc. Best Veteran female
Thanks to the judge, Chris John (UK) for the nice reports! 

IDS Dortmund... 09/05/2015

Proud of my boys at today International Dog Show in Dortmund...
  • Multi Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin won 1 exc. VDH CAC DCNH CAC CACIB BOB
  • BIS American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1exc VDH CAC 
Thank you to the judge, Jussi J-p Liimatainen for his lovely reports:)

IDS Goes - 05/04/2015

We've got the move like Jagger;) OMG!!! I am just over the moon... Back from 2nd day @ IDS Goes and and my young boy, BIS American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1 exc CAC CACIB BOB BOG BIS!!!! A special thanks to all honourable judges:)

IDS Goes - 04/04/2015

Back from 1st day at IDS Goes... American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOS from intermediate class:)

IDS Luxembrourg... 29/03/2015

I really enjoy to be back in the ring at IDS Luxembourg... Even more proud and happy that American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1exc. CACL in intermediate class:)

New French Champion...

I am so delight and proud to announce the new French Championship of my own bred boy, EJW'11 WJW'11 Multi Ch. Chinanook's Jack!!!! Jack is a very special boy in the showring as well as in harness. Jack is co-owned and loved with my parents, Muriel & Freddy Guillaume. I would like to thanks all the judges who could appreciate the qualities of Jack, all the people who have supported us, especially my parents, Arnaud Eggemann & Kévin Eggemann:) A special thanks also to Marnix Vermeulen for this lovely Ad:)


WK Scharnitz... 20-22/02/2015

Back from the WSA World Championship in Scharnitz... Feeling proud that we were able to attend this huge event. Team Chinanook's was represented by Multi Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin & Chinanook's Lilly Rose. It was the first time that we attented such a race. On the 3 days we made the cut. We enjoyed to the maximum and we have learned as well. Times were really fast. Congrats to all winners! We also enjoyed the great atmosphere within the Belgian Team smile emoticon Feeling proud of Lilly & Ben who behaved really well :) I would like to thanks all the people who have supported and pushed us: my parents ( Muriel & Freddy Guillaume, Anita Muspach, Paula S. Honigman, Arnaud Eggemann, Marnix Vermeulen & Patrik Vanderdonckt).

Race Le Lac Blanc, France... 7+8/02/2015

Lovely race in Le Lac Blanc (France)... I had a blast running in B1 with 6 wonderful sibes and taking the 3rd place on the podium with a wonderful time:) I also raced in D2 and did well. A special thanks to my parents, Kévin Eggemann, Arnaud Eggemann for all their support :)

Race Baraque Fraiture... 17+18/01/2015

On our way back from the race @ Baraque Fraiture... We were only able to run one day as the condition were quiet dangerous, especially with the scooter. We finished at the 3rd place after falling a couple of times and a mistake on the trail. Congrats to the winners!!

Race Beloeil... 13+14/12/2014

Back from the race in Belœil...
This time we were not at the top because Lilly was in high season. However we still finished in the top :)
We enjoyed the weekend with great friends:) and a very special thank you to my great handler, Alex Couwenberg :)

Pampa Race... 6+7/12/2024

Feeling proud... Back from a lovely weekend @ Pampa Sled Dog Race in Helchteren. Multi Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin "Ben" with his daughter Chinanook's Lilly Rose won in style the Am/Sam/Gr Scooter 2 dogs class with an average speed of 20,5km/h!!!!! I also shared this lovely weekend with my parents and great friends:) Thank you all for the fun, support and great food:)

Eurodogshow kortrijk in Belgium... 15/11/2014

Wonderful results from Eurodogshow kortrijk in Belgium...
  • Chinanook's New Secret Weapon "Nayko" won 1 VP Best baby male! Nayko is co-owned with Ine Guisson.
  • American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1 exc. Deb's Cup Best Youth in Breed & 7th Best Youth in Show!
  • Higlander Of Cool Water "Locky" won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOB Eurocup Winner!!!

Pampa Training... 07-10/11/2014

Back from 4 days @ the pampa training camp...
I am very proud of the work of all my dogs :)
I would like to thanks all the people and friends who support me during those 4 days :) It was great to see so many Chinanook's friends and of course my lovely Yekona & Hailey :)

Gipsy Horses Race in Westerlo... 18+19/10/2014

Wow!!!! I am again so proud of my doggies...
Back from Gipsy Horses Race in Westerlo where we finished 1 Alaslan Malamute Team in scooter 2 with an average speed of 16,5km/h. So proud of Multi Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin and his daughter, Chinanook's Lilly Rose. Especially that Lilly had a litter of 12 wonders this summer. Also a huge congrats to Marnix Vermeulen with Chinanook's Look At Me & Chinanook's Lady Kenay for taking the 2nd place AM team in scooter 2:)

IDS Charleroi... 11/10/2014

Today I attended the International Dog Show in Charleroi...
It felt wonderful to be back in the showring and I am really proud of
  • Chinanook's New York New York "Rosie" who won Best Baby in Breed!!! Rosie is co-owned with my friends, Lesley Semple & Iceonfyr Alaskan Malamutes
  • American Triumph Moves Like Jagger won 1exc. CAC youth rBIS youth!!! 
 A special thanks to honourable judges, Mr. Christian Leneuf & Mr. Staf Van den Bosch!