Saturday, December 27, 2008

CAC-CACIB KerstShow Wijchen 08

On Monday December 22 we attend the Dog Show in Wijchen (NL) We were proud again to announce our dog and handling results:
Thanks to the judge: Mrs. G. Schaufeli!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coco first mushing steps...


On Saturday December 13 we attended the Dog Show in Genk (B) (
We are very proud to announce our dogs' and handling results:
Chinanook's Hailey (AM): 1 VP - Best baby in breed - 2nd Best baby in show!!
Mendi Of Penaz De Urduliz (AM), owned by Eric Lorquet: 1 VP - Best puppy in breed
Ayuka's Chanel Essence (SH), owned by Antonio & Pierangelo Pagano-Massellis: 1 exc. CAC-CACIB
Multi Ch. Chefornak's Yorki (SH): 1 exc. Best Veteran in breed - Best Veteran in show!! - 3rd BIG!!
Thanks to all the judges!
The Alaskan malamamutes were judge by Mr.Řehánek Petr (CZ) and the Siberian huskies by Mrs. Rita Reyniers.
In the honor ring Mr.Kuzelj Denis (SI) judges the Best baby, Mr. T. Leenen (B) judges the Best Veteran and Mr.Řehánek Petr (CZ) judges the group 5.

Thanks to Nancy Daponte for helping me out for the BOB with the Siberian huskies!
Thanks to the dogs owner for your trust :)
Thanks to Karl Donvil for the pictures!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pampa Race 08

 On December 6-7 we attend the Pampa Race (B) (
We are very proud to announce that Gwen with Charko (SH) and Yekona (AM) completed with success the tour. They run 2 x 21km. Ethna and Diddl also achieved the same result in the team of our good friend Patrik VDD. Thanks a ton :)

A special thanks to Luc for the top professional pictures:

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poekies gang meeting 08

On Sunday November 30th we organized our second puppymeeting. This time Yekona's puppies were invited for a play in the garden, and their owners for a bite and a nip.Hailey was very happy to see again her sister: Hanoeck, Hoshi & Qila and brothers: Jack & Hutah. Unfortunately both Harley and Chinook couldn't make it.A busy afternoon, everybody was weighed, measured, compared and chased by his/her brothers and sisters in the garden.
We were please to see the poekies gang again with mommy Yekona :)Grandfather Yanuk even came out to see his grandchildren, but he seemed more interested in the food inside. like a true malamute... Thank you to all the visitors and hope to see you soon!

WinnerShow Amsterdam 08

On November 29 we attend the WinnerShow in Amsterdam (NL) (
Here are our handling results under the judgement of Mr. Ström from Sweden:
  • DongaMyJoy Of Keema's Wolf Pak: 1 exc.

Monday, November 24, 2008

BRUM Training Camp 08

On November 22-23 we attend the training Camp in Villers-la-Ville (B). This one was organized by the BRUM ( in collaboration with La Coriande asbl.
Despite of the bad weather we had a good time :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ayuka's Chanel Essence...

We are very proud to announce that Ayuka's Chanel essence "Coco" will stay with us for a bit.
We would like to thanks Antonio Pagano & Pierangelo Massellis for their trust!
We will take very good care of your princess...
For further information about Coco:

EuroDogShow Kortrijk 08

On November 15 we attend the EuroDogShow in Kortrijk (B) (
Both the Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky were well represented with 48 entries for the huskies!!!
Here are our dogs and handling results under the judgment of Mr. T. Jakkel (HU):

  • Chinanook's Hailey: 1 VP - Best baby
  • Cold Valley's Xarctica: 1 exc. Best veteran in breed - 3rd Best veteran in show
  • Chinanook's Hinook: 2 VP
  • Chefornak's Diddlina: 4 exc.
Thanks to Anita and Emilie for their support!
Thanks to Sophie Boucourt for Hailey's pictures :)

Just Hoshi...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Pampa Training 2008

On Novemver 1-2 we went to the Pampa Training (
Despite very bad weather on Saturday we enjoyed the week-end with our friends and doggies.
A special thanks to Patrick & Mathias van Buyten for their great support during the 3 days!
Thanks to Christine, Emilie & Edouard for their visit!
On Saturday November 1 Ethna was entered in the show in Bleiswijk (NL) ( where she finished 3rd exc. under the judgment of Mr. O. Gerdmundsson from Sweden.
A big thanks to Senay Usta for taking good care of our princess!