Thursday, May 24, 2007

Arnhem Dog Show (NL)

On May 26 we attended the International Dog Show in Arnhem (
We are again very proud to announce that Chefornak's Diddlina finished 1exc. CAC/CACIB/BOS under the judgement of Dhr. K. Horak (CZE).
Diddl is now Dutch Champion!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yeko 2 years old Bday...

On this 23rd of May It's our Yekona (left) 2nd Birthday. Congratulations Poekie!!
Today we are also thinking of Yeko's brothers and sisters. Her favourite one Elyot (right - owned by: Paty in Italy).

Obedience Exams A & B!

On Sunday May 20 we attended the Obedience Exams A & B @ Honden Unief Leuven (HUL):
And we are very proud to announce that ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak succeeded both exams with success! As from now she will follow the C-class...

Namur Dog Show (B)!

On Saturday May 19 we attended the Namur Dog Show (
CallmeYogi Of Keema's Wolf Pak finished 1st exc. in the Open Class with CAC/CACIB (from Champion Class) under the judgement of M. Meyer O. (FR).
Thanks to Marie for the pic!

Monday, May 14, 2007

AMCN Kampioenschapsclubmatch 07 (NL)

On May 13 we attended the AMCN Kampioenschapsclubmatch 07 (NL) ( More than 80 Malamutes were entered...
Under the judgement of Mrs. W. Willhauck. ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak got an excellent comment in the open class completely out of coat. We are proud of our Poekie as she did an awesome job in the ring!
A special Thanks to Senay Usta from Kinuk Alaskan Malamute ( for grooming Yekona!
We also had again the pleasure to handle Spacesong Sausimayok "Kaya" (owned: friends Alex and Marjolein) and finished 1st exc. in the Intermediate class.
We would also like to thanks Anita Muspach for a great help and company!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Winner AMCB (B)!

On Saturday May 6 it was Gijs' official Bday. He is now 33 years old...
But as we love the doggies we attended the AMCB Winner in the Gipsy Horses Ranch in Westerlo.
It was a very nice day.
Yekona finished 3rd with excellent in the Open Class under the judgement of Mr. Van den Bosch (B).
I also had the pleasure to handle Spacesong Sausimayok "Kaya" (owned by our good friends: Alex & Marjolein). She finished 1st exc. in the Intermediate Class.

Special Thanks to Marjolein for the nice pictures!

Further information:

Dog Show Dortmund (D)!

On Saturday May 5th we attended the famous International show in Dortmund!
22 huskies were registered. And the results are:
  • Chefornak's Ethna: 1st exc. in the intermediate class, CAC-VDH, Reserve female
  • Chefornak's Diddlina (Owned: Family Vanderdonckt): 1st exc. in the open class, CAC-VDH-DCNH/CACIB/BOB/2nd in Group 5
Thanks to Mr. Guido Vandoni (It) and Mrs. H. Assenmacher-Heyel (D)!

Diddl is now International Champion!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 1st 2007!

As the weather was nice and not too warm we decided to go for a nice morning walk in St-Hubert forest along with the Chefornak's gang. Thanks Christine! We had an excellent day!
Ethna & Charko are very pleased and happy they could play again with their very best friends...