Monday, January 29, 2007

Dog Show Mouscron, Jan 06!

Yesterday we've attended the International Show in Mouscron ( We were there with 2 Siberian Huskies females under the judgement of Mr. N. Deschuymere. Chefornak's Ethna was entered in the youth class and finished 1st with excellent. Then Chefornak's Yucca was entered in the open class and also finished 1st with excellent. Ethna had to go back in the ring to compete against the youth male for the honor ring ticket. She did it! However she was selected in the honor ring under the Judgement of Mrs. Mach (CH) but no podium. 

Monday, January 22, 2007

Palus San Marco Winter Vacation, Jan 07!

Unfortunately we are back from a great vacation in the snow in Palus San Marco, near Auronzo di Cadore, Italy ( We would like to thank a few people:
- Renato Alberoni for his warm welcome!
- Paty for all the information and her great support!
- Patrick &Els for such a good time!
- My parents for letting us take Yucca!
We had also the pleasure to see again Elyot, Yekona's brother or Yanuk's son if you prefer. Elyot has become a very nice gentlemen..
We were so happy to finally lay back and spend a ton of time with our doggies sledding, walking,... And skiing.
We want to go back!!!Sniff!!!