Monday, June 06, 2011

CACIB Oss 2011!

On Saturday May 28th I attended the International Dog Show in Oss, NL.
Just A Kiss Of Keema's Wolf Pak "Keisha" won 1 exc CAC Youth!
Chinanook's Jack together with Chinanook's JoYepa won RBIS Couple!

CAC Wieze 2011

On Saturday May 21th I attended the National show in Wieze... And I am so proud to announce the following results....

* Just A Kiss Of Keema's Wolf Pak "Keisha" won 1 exc Best Youth BOS RBIS Youth!!!!
* Chinanook's Jack won 1 VP Best puppy!!!
* Chinanook's JoYepa 2 VP
* Chinanook's JoYepa & Chinanook's Jack won BIS Couple!!!
* Ayuka's Great Akela won 1 exc CAC BOS!!!

I also had the pleasure to handle BIS BISS Multi Ch. Tundrafoot's Bern Baby Bern Dysco who won BOG!!! A special thanks to Dysco's owner and my great friend, Nancy Daponte for her trust!

A special thanks to Naomi van Mourik for the perfect handling of Jack, Yepa and the BIS couple!!!!

A special thanks to Anita, Ingrid, Iris, Nancy, Naomi & Nicky for the super day and all the support :)

A special thanks to honourable judge, Mr. Rodriques Fernando Madeira (P)!!