Monday, October 30, 2006

Kempen Trail 06!

On October 28-29 we attended the Kempen Trail Race ( It was a very nice race and very well organized!
I was also very please to see my very good friends for my birthday!

Gwen's team in Step category: 18,36 min. (4.8km) + 16,00 min. (4.2km) = 34,36 min.

Thanks to Marjolein & Jean-Claude for the pictures!

Monday, October 23, 2006

BRUM Race 06!

On Oct 21-22 we attended the BRUM Race ( For the first time this race took place in the very nice Don Diego Ranch ( We had again a lot of chance with the weather and our doggies did a great job. Here are the results:
Gwen's team: 1st in Scooter category 34:11 min. , 14,04km/h (2 x 4km)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pampa Training Camp!

On October 13-15 we attended the Pampa Training Week-end ( It was great! The mushing season is finally starting...
The temperature were still a bit too high but we just had to train earlier and enjoy the sunny weather in the afternoon. Our little princess Ethna also turned 1 year on Oct 15. So she did enjoy her first training!
We also had the pleasure to see all our musher friends...
A special Thanks to Christine to let me run with Quezac!
Thanks to Marjolein & Jean-Claude for the pictures!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

AMCB CAC 2006!

On Saturday September 30 we attended the AMCB CAC (
3 of our Malamutes were entered. Unfortunately the day before Yutah hurts herself while playing in the garden. So we left home with Yanuk and Yogi...
And here are the results under the judgment of Mr. Guido Schäfer (D):
  • Howling Pack's Yanuktil: 1st Exc. CAC
  • CallmeYogi of Keema's Wolf Pak: 4th Exc.

Thanks to Christine De Bondt for handling Yogi!

We had an excellent day!