Monday, February 23, 2009

CAC-CACIB Hoogstraten (BE)

On Feb 21-22 we attended the International Dog Show in Hoogstraten:
On Saturday we were very proud to handle the Australian Shepperd of our new friends, Arnold & Martine,
GJ Jane de la GadailLe "TinkerBell".
Under the judgement of Mrs. Rita Reyniers TinkerBell finished 1st. CAC - CACIB - BOS.
Thanks Arnold & Martine for your trust!
On Sunday we attended the same show with the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky judged by Mr. Forte Michael:
  • Chinanook's Hailey = 1 VP Best puppy in breed
  • Ayuka's Chanel Essence (owned by: Ayuka's kennel): 1 exc. RCAC - RCACIB
A special thanks to Anita Muspach for her help!
Thanks to Camille for the pics!

Chinanook's HeyChinook...

We received some news from Chinook who just spend a nice vacation @ the snow.
She is looking great. Thanks Gino & Marleen!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rheinlandsiegerschau 2009 (DE)

On Saturday Feb 14 we attended the CAC dog show in Rheinberg (
Here are our results under the judgement of Mr. Christen Lang from Norway:
  • Ayuka's Chanel Essence: 2 exc. in open class
  • Chefornak's Diddlina: 1 exc. in champion class - CAC - BOB

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinanook's HappyJack

We would like to thanks Inge & Kurt who came to visit us last week-end in Rodt @ the race.
We were very happy to see that Jack is becoming a nice boy. Also as the race didn't go through on Sunday Yekona could enjoyed a walk with her 2 kids: Hailey & Jack. Then they also played like crazy and we were able to take nice pictures of them.
A big thanks to Marjolein for all the pictures :)

Race St Vith 2009

On Feb 7-8 2009 we attended the famous mushing Race in Rodt, St-Vith (BE). This race is always well organized by the friendly Snow Hook Team:
Unfortunately this year we were very lucky with the weather conditions. Not enough snow to run with the sled. And a very humid weather on Saturday. The trail was a bit dangerous and the organization decided to cancel the category bike.
So Gwen's decided to run with 4 dogs (Coco, Ethna, Yekona & Charko) as well... We are proud of them as they did a good time even if Ethna and Coco who were leading aren't really great with directions ;) However it was Coco first race and she was great member of the team.
Gijs also participated with his 4 Alaskan malamutes and finished 3rd in the category C2.
During the night from Saturday to Sunday the temperature dropped down and the next morning the trail was even more dangarous. So the organization decided to cancel the race.
And we still enjoyed a nice Sunday in Rodt :)

Some pics to come asap...

Obedience Test A

We are proud to announce that on February 5 2009 Chinanook's Hailey succeeded her Obedience Test A with almost 90%. At not even 7 months Hailey is a little star at Dog shows but also a very obedient Alaskan Malamute !!!

Chinanook's Harley ( = Uska)

Thanks Nina, Anja & Henk :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Hoshi came to visit us...

This last Sunday we were very happy to see Hoshi again. Hailey could play again like crazy with her sister. Yeko was still the boss and her puppies have a lot of respect for her.
Thanks Patrick for the visit :)

Chinanook's Hutah @ 7 months!

Thanks Eric & Fran├žoise :)