Monday, December 11, 2006

Week-end Chevetogne!

On Dec 9-10 we have spent the week-end in Chevetogne together with my parents and our good friends (the Vanderdonckt family, Alex & Marjolein,...). We even received the visit of Sint-Niklaas. Thanks to Marjolein for the nice pictures!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pampa Race 06!

On Dec 2-3 we've attended the Pampa Race in Helchteren ( Congratulations to the Mushing Belgium team for such a great organization!!!

Gwen's team: Ch. Sin-Chan Del Karraces (left) & Chefornak's Charkolito (right)
Results: 5/13 in Category Scooter
Time (2 x 9km): 35:23 + 33:57 with an average of 15,58km/h

Monday, November 20, 2006

Kortrijk Eurodogshow 06!

On Saturday Nov 18 we've attended the Eurodogshow in Kortijk (
Chefornak's Diddlina finished CAC/CACIB, Best of Breed and Best in Group 5!
So we had to go back on Sunday... And Diddl was reserve Best in Show!
I was very proud to show her and it was great that Patrick & Els (Diddl's owners) could come to support us.

Thanks to all the judges!

Mrs. Barbara Ann Brooks (USA): BOB
Dr. Marina Guidetti (It): BIG 5
Mr. Terry Thorn (GB): RBIS

Monday, November 06, 2006

Westerlo Race 2006 (B)!

On Nov 4-5 we've participated in the Westerlo Race. The temperature are finally getting a bit better but it's still not perfect! Personally this wasn't my best race as my step broke up on the second day. But I've still managed to finish 1st. Way to go...
And the results:

Gwen's team: 2 x 3.8km (13min23 + 13min33) = 16.93 km/h - 1st in Scooter category

Thanks again to Marjo for the pics!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Kempen Trail 06!

On October 28-29 we attended the Kempen Trail Race ( It was a very nice race and very well organized!
I was also very please to see my very good friends for my birthday!

Gwen's team in Step category: 18,36 min. (4.8km) + 16,00 min. (4.2km) = 34,36 min.

Thanks to Marjolein & Jean-Claude for the pictures!

Monday, October 23, 2006

BRUM Race 06!

On Oct 21-22 we attended the BRUM Race ( For the first time this race took place in the very nice Don Diego Ranch ( We had again a lot of chance with the weather and our doggies did a great job. Here are the results:
Gwen's team: 1st in Scooter category 34:11 min. , 14,04km/h (2 x 4km)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pampa Training Camp!

On October 13-15 we attended the Pampa Training Week-end ( It was great! The mushing season is finally starting...
The temperature were still a bit too high but we just had to train earlier and enjoy the sunny weather in the afternoon. Our little princess Ethna also turned 1 year on Oct 15. So she did enjoy her first training!
We also had the pleasure to see all our musher friends...
A special Thanks to Christine to let me run with Quezac!
Thanks to Marjolein & Jean-Claude for the pictures!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

AMCB CAC 2006!

On Saturday September 30 we attended the AMCB CAC (
3 of our Malamutes were entered. Unfortunately the day before Yutah hurts herself while playing in the garden. So we left home with Yanuk and Yogi...
And here are the results under the judgment of Mr. Guido Schäfer (D):
  • Howling Pack's Yanuktil: 1st Exc. CAC
  • CallmeYogi of Keema's Wolf Pak: 4th Exc.

Thanks to Christine De Bondt for handling Yogi!

We had an excellent day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Christelle, Cedric & Florian Visit!

Yeah! We finally found a date to enjoy a nice dinner with my very good friends Christelle, Cedric & Florian ( So this last Friday September 15th we had a very nice BBQ.
Luckily Florian wasn't so scared about all our doggies.
Thanks again for coming!
And I'm very happy we have already planned the next one...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dog Show Zwolle (NL)!

This last Sunday September 17th we attended the International Show in Zwolle ( Even if it was a long drive this show is very good quality and well organized. And here are the results under the judgment of Dhr. A.R.R. Doedijns (NL):
  • Sin-Chan Del Karraces: 1st exc. CAC/CACIB/BOS
  • Chefornak's Diddlina: 1st exc. CAC/CACIB/BOB

We are very proud of Diddl and thanks again to the family Vanderdonckt to let me show her.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Kampioenschapsclubmatch SHKN!

This last Saturday we attended the SHKN Kampioenschapsclubmatch ( It was very interesting. They were more than 80 Siberian Huskies...
Star That Travels Zanouk finished 2nd out of 18 in the Open Class under the judgement of Mr. Campbell (Norway).

Gwen's US Trip!

End of August I had to travel for work to Irvine, Los Angeles (California). It was ver nice to meet with our US peers. During this trip we enjoyed ourselves and had a great Sunday afternoon @ Kevin's creek.
As I couldn't fly all the way to the US and not see my dearest friend Nicole and co I decided to extend my stay in Kansas City for a few days. It was short but worth the trip to see my host family (Nancy & Ron Osborn), Nicole and Family (Nancy, Ron, Courtney & Doggies Stevens), my Us aunt & Uncle (Mary & Bob Bibers) and last but not least my Blue Spring South High School friends (Andy, David, Withney, Brent, Jeff, Kate,...). A special thanks to the Stevens Family for their great hospitality! I love you guys! And thanks to Andy & Husband for their very intimate party! I had a great time and your house is wonderful.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dog Show Leuven (B)!

This last Saturday August 5th we attended the
Dog Show in Leuven (
Chefornak's Ethna finished 1st excellent Best Junior under the judgment of Mr. Hermel (F).

Monday, July 31, 2006

Week-end St-Hubert!

This last week-end (July 29-30) we did finally completely relax with our dear friends (The family Vanderdonckt & Christine DB). We enjoyed the beautiful forest of St-Hubert. All the doggies were with us. In total 18 Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes!!! We had a wonderful time! And for sure we will do it again...

Green Belgian Championship 2005-2006!

We finally got the final results of last mushing season...
Gwen's team finished 1st of the "Step" category.
Great results!!! We are looking forward for the new season...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Dog Show Liège (B)!

On Sunday July 23 we attended the International Dog Show in Liège ( Good that we didn't forget our ventilator as the weather is still incredibly hot!
And here are the results:
- Chefornak's Ethna: Best Junior with excellent
- Sin-Chan Del Karraces: Best of Breed - Best of Group 5
For the first time Ethna compete against her daddy for the BOB. Of course her daddy won. But it was a pleasure to show both of them under the judgment of Mrs. Van Brempt.

Monday, July 10, 2006

BBQ W/ friends!

On Sunday July 9 we enjoyed a very nice BBQ W/ Gwen's grand-parents and best friends (The Vanderdonckt Family).

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brussels Dog Show (B)!

On Saturday June 24 we attended the famous Brussels Dog Show ( Here are the results under the judgment of Mr. Steinbacher from Austria:
1/ ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak: 1st exc Best Belgian Junior - Qualified for Crufts
2/ Chefornak's Diddlina: 1st exc CAC/CACIB - Belgian Winner - BOS - Qualified for Crufts
3/ Chefornak's Ethna: 1st vp - Best Female Puppy

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dog Show Hulten Openluchttentoonstelling (NL)!

On Sunday June 18 we attended the well organized Hulten Dog Show ( The weather was again with us and we had an excellent day with friends: Anita Muspach and Christine De Bondt.
Here are the results...
1/ ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak: 1st young class
2/ Chefornak's Ethna: 1st Very promising - puppy class - Best puppy in breed - 3rd Best Puppy in Show
3/ Chefornak's Diddlina: 1st exc - Open Class- RCAC/RCACIB
Judge of the breed: Mr. E.Deutscher (A)
Judge for the puppies in the honor ring: Mrs. M.Mampaey-Rovers
Way to go girls!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dog Show Lommel (B)!

On Sunday June 11 we attended the CAC Show in Lommel. Chefornak's Ethna finished Best Puppy Of the breed. And Chefornak's Diddlina finished Best Female under the judgment of Mrs. Reyniers. Congratulations girls!!!
Thanks to Christine De Bondt for handling Diddl and Ethna in the honor ring!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dog Show Selfkant-Süsterseel (D)!

On June 4 we attended Süsterseel Dog Show in Germany ( We had a wonderful day as the weather was good, all the dogs were with us and the results were outstanding!
First Chefornak's Yorki won the Champion Class and finished Best Male. Then Chefornak's Diddlina finished Best Female, Best Of Breed and Best in Show.

Thanks to the judge Mr. Guido Schäfer and Mrs. Gerda Kastl!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ethna at the Muppet!

On every Tuesdays we are going to the obedience school with our dogs. Above some pictures of Ethna (7 months) is learning to seat and lay down. She is doing a lot of progress!
Thanks Marie-France for the pictures and advise!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We are very proud to celebrate today Yekona's 1st Birthday!
One year already...
Yekona has a very good temperament and brings us lots of joys every day. We love u Poekie!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dog Show Wieze (B)!

On Sunday May 22 we attended the Wieze Dog Show in the Oktoberhallen.
For her first show Chefornak's Ethna finished "Best Puppy Female". She did an excellent job on the ring. We are very proud of our little princess!!
ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak finished "Best Junior Female".
Pictured by Karl Donvil.

Monday, May 15, 2006

AMCN Kampioensclubmatch 2006 (NL):

On Sunday May 15 we attended the AMCN Kampioensclubmatch (
ExpoYekona Of Keema's Wolf Pak finished "Best Junior Female" out of 10 under the judgement of Mr. Tuominen (F)!!!
Well done Poekie!

Monday, May 08, 2006

AMCB 4kamp 2006 - Gipsy Horses Ranch!

On Sunday May 7 we participated to the AMCB 4kamp. We had a great time and we are very proud of our dogs results. Yekona was Best Puppies at the end. She did an oustanding job with the mushing and weight pulling activity! We really look forward to include her in the team for the next mushing season.
Charkolito finished 2nd in the general Husky/Samoyede result.
And thanks to my parents to let me participate with Zinga. It was a pleasure! Zinga finished 1st in mushing, weight pulling and agility!!
All results will be available asap here:
More pictures to come soon...