Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AMCB CAC 2012...

On September 9th 2012 we attendend the CAC of the AMCB...
  • Chinanook's Laykko "Laykko" (co-owned w/ Gilles Torbeyns) won 1VP Best baby male!
  • Chinanook's Lilly Rose "Lilly" won 1 VP BISS baby!
  • Multi BISS Ch. Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin "Ben" (co-owned w/ Anita Muspach) won 1 exc. CAC BOB BISS!
  • BISS EJW'11 Chinanook's Just A Girl "Gracie" (owned by Lesley Semple & Charlie Lockhart) won 1 exc. CAC BOS!
A special thanks to honourable judge, Mr. Klaus Strack from Germany!