Thursday, October 27, 2011

CACIB Maastricht 2011

CACIB Show in Maastricht...

Foxfire Eskimo Kiss "Kimo" (owners: Ayuka's Kennel) won 1 exc. CAC CACIB BOB BOG!!!! Chinanook's JoYepa won 1 exc. CAC Youth RCAC.
Ayuka's Great Akela won 1 exc.

Thanks to honourable judges, Mr. D. Mc Coy (IRL) & Mr. D. Rutten (NL)!
A big thanks to Daponte Nancy & Nicky Vanholsaet for all their support & the super day! Thanks to Naomi van Mourik for perfect handling of Akela!
Thanks to Nancy for perfect handling of Yepa!