Tuesday, June 09, 2015

CAC AMCB... 01/06/2014

Today I had a nice day with my two malamutes boys at CAC AMCB. First big congrats to the organization. Nice and well organized show :) then thanks to everybody as there was a lovely atmosphere:) last but not least
  • Chinanook's K'eyush Jr. was 2nd exc. in open class. 
  • Multi Ch. BISS Uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin won 1 exc. CAC
A special thanks to my dear friends, Lesley and Iceonfyr Alaskan Malamutes for their lovely visit with the beautiful Multi Ch. Chinanook's Just A Girl:) It was such a joy to get all the Gracie's cuddles. A special thanks to Mr. Delente for the nice reports.