Friday, December 28, 2012

Brussels Dog Show 2012...

On December 8th we attended the Brussels Dog Show 2012... 
  • Chinanook's K'eyush Jr. "Kenzo" won 2 exc. RCAC. 
  • Chinanook's JoYepa won 1 exc. CAC CACIB Belgian Winner. EJW'11 WJW'11 
  • Chinanook's Jack won 1 exc. CAC CACIB Belgian Winner BOB BIG 4th BIS!!!!! 
  • Jack & Yepa won 2 rBIS couple!!! 
 A special thanks to the following judges: Mr. N. Deschuymere, Mrs. M. Vermeire, Mr. Valerio Nataletti & Mr. M. Zidar!