Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nationale d'élevage France 2011

We are very proud to announce the following results:

* Chinanook's K'eyush Jr. "Kenzo": 1 VP Best baby in show!
* Ch. Equinox Woodvram Polarni Usvit "K'eyush" (owners: Sergio & Charlene Bebiano): Excellent + Selected with 17 points + TAN!
* Just A Kiss Of Keema's Wolf Pak "Keisha": 2 excellent out of 29 females in Intermediate class + Selected with 18 points + TAN!!!
* BISS EJW'11 Chinanook's Just A Girl "Gracie" (owners: Lesley Semple & Charlie Lockhart): 2 excellent out of 39 females in open class + Selected with 18 points + TAN!!!
* Ch. REC Mayflower Del Biagio (owner: Olivier Cerutti): 1 excellent in champion class!!!

A special thanks to honourable judges, Mrs. Cheryl Paterson (CND) & Mr. Jean-Luc Delente (FR)!

Video of K'eyush:

Video of Kenzo:

Video of Keisha:

Video of Gracie: