Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dortmund Nationale Ausstellung 2010

On Friday May 7th NaGwe team attended the National Dog Show in Dortmund, Germany and we are proud to announce the following results:
  • Alaskan Malamute, judge = Andrea Eicher (Ch)
Chayo I want it all "Freddy" (owner: Sue Ellis) = 1 exc CAC VDH CAC DCNH BOB BIG!!!
DongaMyJoy Of Keema's Wolf Pak (owner: Anita Muspach) = 1 exc CAC VDH
  • Siberian Husky, judge = Andrea Eicher (Ch)
Multi Ch Tundrafoot's Bern Baby Bern (owner: Nancy Daponte) = 1 exc CAC VDH CAC DCNH BOB BIG3!!!
  • American Akita, judge = Guido Schäfer (De)
Multi CH Beaufleet's Dodging Daggers at Melodor (owners: Nancy Daponte & Chris MC Clean) = 1 exc CAC VDH BOS
Multi CH Melodor Miss Bewitched (owner: Andreas Schröder) = 1 exc CAC VDH
Also a special thanks to the honourable group 5 judge, Mr. Ole J. Staunskjaer (DK)!