Monday, March 29, 2010

CAC-CACIB Luxembourg 2010...

On Sunday March 28th NaGwe attended the International Dog Show Of Luxembourg and we are very happy to announce the following results:

Alaskan Malamutes (16 entries)
  • Chayo I Want It All aka Freddy (owner: Sue Ellis): 1 exc CACL CACIB BOB
  • Chinanook's Hailey: 1 exc CACL
Thanks to honourable judge Mr. Seamus Oates (IRL)!

Siberian Huskies (45 entries)
  • Tundrafoot's Bern Baby Bern: 3 exc
  • Tundrafoot's Yv Bn Rite Allong aka Lollie: 1 exc CACL RCACIB
  • Ayuka's Great Akela: 2 exc RCACL
Thanks to honourable judge Mr. Guido Shäfer (DE)!

Thanks to Anita for her great help!
Thanks to Sue for her trust!