Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Winter vacation 2010...

We recently enjoyed a very nice winter vacation with our doggies in Palus San Marco, Italy.
We were very happy to see again our good friend Paty and all her malamutes. Thank you Paty for the great hospitality. We had a dream vacation with ton of snow, nice place, sun and great people.
We would like to thanks Gijs' parents for taking such a good care of our 13,5 years old, Mayko while we were gone. Also we would like to thanks Nancy Daponte for letting Gwen run with Paris as well as Antonio and Pierangelo for their trust with Manila and Max. We all had a blast :)
But as we were traveling with 12 dogs this time we needed a new box. So last but not least we would like to thanks Patrik VDD for helping us fixing the new box the week before leaving.
We are very happy to have such great friends :)