Thursday, October 23, 2008

Westerlo Race 08

On October 18-19 we attended the Westerlo Race (B) organize by the VFS ( Thanks to the VFS for the action pictures!
We were happy to see some of our good friends.
We would also like to thanks Patrick, Monique and Emilie for their visit! It was so nice to see again Hoshi and Hinook :)
Hoshi is a daughter of Yekona and the sister of Hailey. Both Yeko and Hailey enjoyed playing with her.
Hinook has now 7 months and she's becoming a nice bitch.
Also a special thanks to Patrik VDD who ran with Yanuk, Yutah and Ethna!
Finally here are our results on a trail of 2 x 3.8km:

  • Gwen w/Charko & Yeko = 3rd in the category Scooter 2, a total time of 24.54 minutes, average of 18.31km/h