Monday, September 04, 2006

Gwen's US Trip!

End of August I had to travel for work to Irvine, Los Angeles (California). It was ver nice to meet with our US peers. During this trip we enjoyed ourselves and had a great Sunday afternoon @ Kevin's creek.
As I couldn't fly all the way to the US and not see my dearest friend Nicole and co I decided to extend my stay in Kansas City for a few days. It was short but worth the trip to see my host family (Nancy & Ron Osborn), Nicole and Family (Nancy, Ron, Courtney & Doggies Stevens), my Us aunt & Uncle (Mary & Bob Bibers) and last but not least my Blue Spring South High School friends (Andy, David, Withney, Brent, Jeff, Kate,...). A special thanks to the Stevens Family for their great hospitality! I love you guys! And thanks to Andy & Husband for their very intimate party! I had a great time and your house is wonderful.